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Clare Walters




Facilitators: Richard Lawton & Clare Walters.

Dates & Times: Tuesday evenings 7pm to 9.45pm 12 January -16 March 2010.

Location: The Open Centre, 188 Old Street, London EC1V 9FR

This small group will offer an opportunity to discuss and explore aspects of sexuality. There will be room to look at personal attitudes and behaviors, as well as sexuality in the wider context of relationships, gender, spirituality and society.

We will be using a variety of body-centred approaches (movement, breathwork, body awareness and guided exercises) to help increase participants felt sense and embodied awareness of sexuality. We see these as valuable in their own right, as well as a way of opening up issues and topics for discussion. Each session will include time for group discussion and individual sharing.

The group may be challenging, but always within safe and respectful boundaries. There will be no nudity or sexual contact, and it will always be your choice how much you share.

Cost £180 for the 10 sessions. Early Bird discount price £150 if paid in full by 11 December 2009. Payment in full is required prior to commencement. No refunds can be given once the course has started.

Requirements: The group is open to adults only. Both singles and couples are welcome. No prior experience of personal development or therapy is required. Sessions will incorporate gentle movement, breathwork and body awareness exercises so you should be in reasonably good health. You must advise us in advance of any physical conditions that might make this problematic for you.

These sessions are offered as opportunities for personal development and are not intended as any form of group psychotherapy. They are not an entry point for those wishing to begin looking at unresolved personal issues of deep sexual trauma; we would suggest one-to-one therapy if this is the case. Both Richard and Clare are happy to offer one-to-one sessions.

If you are unsure of your suitability for this kind of work you should seek specialist advice.

Application: You will need to complete and sign an application form. A brief telephone conversation with either Richard or Clare will also be part of the procedure.

This is a small group with limited spaces, so early application is recommended.