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Clare Walters


Welcome to my Website

About Clare...


Coming from a background in singing, music, and theatre directing, I have trained in a wide range of therapeutic and energetic practices including Cranio Sacral Therapy, Deep Bodywork, Postural Integration, Pulsing, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology and Reiki.

Beyond Anatomy

Initially in search of a greater technical understanding of the body, I first studied Massage and Aromatherapy. Following my curiosity has since taken me beyond anatomy, through touch, into sensation, sensitivity, boundaries, healing, history, energy and spirit.

Working Through Touch

I work on the understanding that emotions, history, memory, the mind and the spirit can all be accessed directly working through touch. I work with pregnancy & birth, trauma and grief, anger, fear and joy and with anybody who wants to know more about themselves. I am interested in working with singers, dancers, actors, musicians, yoga teachers, martial artists and sports people - and anyone who is aware of their body and how they inhabit it, or would like to be.

Integrated Treatments

I usually offer 60 and 90 minute sessions and can create integrated treatments selecting material from my various trainings. I can also offer any of the treatments described in this website in their pure form. I frequently find that my authentic practice is an intuitive combination of styles and is unique to the person in front of me.

New Ideas

As well as offering private sessions in a centre or at home, I am flexible and open to new ideas for places to take my work. I am available for work at special events, festivals, parties and private functions...

Contact Me...

Please contact me if you are curious - or if you would just like a massage.