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Postural Integration

Integrating the Bodymind

Postural integration is a form of deep bodywork, initially develeoped by Jack Painter, drawing on elements of  Massage, Acupuncture, Gestalt, Reichian Therapy and Rolfing.

It follows the 10-part sequence of Rolfing; the first three parts involve more superficial layers of connective tissue, parts four through seven engage deeper layers of the bodymind and the remaining sessions organise, realign and integrate the bodymind as a whole.

Each part of the sequence can take more than one session.


Rhythmic Rocking

This hands-on form of deep bodywork combines
continuous rhythmic rocking with stretching, lifting and rotating to create a sense of ease, flow and support. Whatever is present is gently welcomed and allowed to surface.

Please come in loose comfortable clothing. This treatment takes place on a bodywork couch.


Clare Walters


Deep Bodywork

Deep Bodywork

A greater sense of aliveness

Deep Bodywork is an effective way to support individuals in dealing with the challenges in their lives in a more creative manner. The method helps support body awareness and empowers change in the bodymind; body, emotions and attitudes, furthering personal development.

Deep Bodywork encourages a sense of well-being, a capacity to feel, an ability to express emotions and clarity in relationships.

Therapeutic touch, through stimulation of the layers of fascia, allows the opening of specific dimensions of experience and history of the body. In the process of the sessions, bodymind connections become apparent, linking memories, physical tensions, sensations and emotions.



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